Dr. Helen

Meninists, Twitter and "Going Ghost"

I have been trolling around at the Meninist Twitter feed (go take a look, it’s hilarious and very much needed!) and love some of the men’s comments such as “Stop looking at my wallet, my face is up here”. I also noticed guys talking about “going Ghost” and then caught this at JustFourGuys.com:

Indeed, there are an entire shelf of books talking about the hows and whys of Men dropping out, and as far as I’m concerned the best of the lot is “Men on Strike” by Dr. Helen Smith. In it, she identifies four specific areas where increasing numbers of Men are “going on strike” in terms of involvement in American life. It’s an easy, quick yet powerful read, one that I highly recommend, and will revisit in future posts for further discussion, because it is just that important. (It is instructive – and telling – to consider the fact, that for all the yammering about “street harassment” and “creepers” in our time, there has yet to be one book written about it, let alone an entire shelf of same; compare and contrast to the above-mentioned works exhorting Men to “Man Up”…)

It has been estimated by various Manosphere insiders that the MGTOW arm of the ‘sphere is not only the largest segment, but its fastest growing – this, despite the fact that it is also its least organized of the three as well. This comes as no shock to this writer, for it is easy to see how relatively easy and simple it is to drop out, whereas both the MRA and PUA routes require a heck of a lot more work, time and effort, with payoffs not at all being as readily assured, or even worth it in the end. To be sure, I support both these efforts and for many reasons; but in pure cost/benefit terms, and on the individual level, which is where the MGTOW route makes the most sense, it truly does deliver more bang for the proverbial buck than the other two do, all things considered.

How and why do I say that?

Well, for one thing, I say all this as a Black Man, seeing all this from what I refer to as Ground Zero in the ongoing Sexual Politics Wars – Black America. For the past few decades, Black Men have been the shock troops in that war, arguably millions of them “going Ghost” in that time.

“Going Ghost” I assume is very much like going on strike although doing a disappearing act is not as active as going on strike or fighting back, both of which I propose in my book. The men at Twitter who are using the hashtag #MeninistTwitter are certainly actively fighting back as opposed to just disappearing and “going Ghost.” And they are fighting back with humor and mockery–both excellent ways to get the point across that the war on men will no longer be tolerated any longer. Go guys!