Dr. Helen

Almost 1 in 10 Americans is carless

I saw at CNBC that fewer Americans own cars:

Whether by choice or through financial reality, the percentage of American households without a car has doubled over the past two decades—and is now approaching 1 in 10.

The impact of this trend could be significant, especially when it comes to alternatives to driving, such as car-sharing and mass transit, according to research by CNW Marketing. ….

Where there’s resurgent urbanization among U.S. youth, he pointed out, a growing number of the elderly have moved to retirement communities where owning a car is no longer a requirement for getting services, for example. That’s a particularly notable shift for older baby boomers, a generation that defined America’s “on the road” car culture.

I’m not sure this is a good thing: one is in some ways more dependent without a car, although with all the rules and regs regarding cars these days, maybe not so much. What do you think: is going carless good or bad for society?