Dr. Helen

Introducing Helen's Page: A Place for Liberty-Minded People

Hi all,

A lot of people on this site and others that I talked to after the election were feeling isolated. So I made a place for them to meet each other. Helen’s Page is a place where people can come to find and help other liberty-minded people across the country—from selling your undiscovered screenplay or advertising your local bakery right down to finding an accountant, electrician, or other professional who shares your love of liberty. I believe it is imperative that those who make up the nearly 48% of the country who believe in equal opportunity and individual success help each other. Find products and services from people who see the world the way you do.

Here’s an example of how it works. You are a libertarian/conservative with a book to sell. Come over and tell readers about it on Helen’s Page in the “Book” section. The more of us who sign up, the more exposure that book will have. Publishers of libertarian or conservative books are also welcome to post.

Helen’s page is easy to use and it’s free. Just sign up and start posting here.