How to Live Like a King In a World Full of Princesses

I often watch men and notice that some of them seem to do well and thrive in a society that caters to women.  I watched that show Princess a while back about women who are living off their parent’s money and who have a sharp sense of entitlement and it got me thinking about women and the society who think they are princesses in general. Here’s an example of a typical show:


Princess Laura is a fashion buyer who takes her career pretty seriously. So seriously, in fact, that she’s managed to spend close to $40,000 on clothing, footwear, and accessories in an effort to look professional at work – all while neglecting to pay for basics like her mortgage, groceries, or car payment. Boyfriend John is sick of being stuck with the bills and frustrated by Laura’s flippant attitude.

This show is sort of a metaphor for how many women in our society see themselves and their needs–as more important than other people’s, particularly men. And who can blame them? Women are told that their needs top everyone else’s. They use the majority of health care in this country and then proclaim there is a war on women’s health, they get the majority of alimony and then become upset if they have to pay a man anything, and are told they are discriminated against in education when it is actually the men and boys who are.

So some men seem to thrive in this world despite the tilt towards privilege  and the accompanying hand-wringing for women’s needs. They ride around in their truck, fish, find places to relax and make a good living, despite the odds against them. In short, they look happy and as if  life is still good.


So my question to readers is, “How do you live like a king in a world full of princesses?” Please share your tips, wisdom and ideas on how to live well, despite the obstacles.

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“But it is important to remember that one’s external appearance is only one part of one’s self, and one aspect of one’s sex appeal.”


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