Dr. Helen

Corruption at Brown U

KC Johnson, author of Until Proven Innocent: Political Correctness and the Shameful Injustices of the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case has a good piece in “Minding the Campus” on sexual assault claims on campus (via the Advice Goddess):

As university after university follows the OCR’s mandate to lower the threshold for evaluating campus sexual assault claims–and thereby to increase the likelihood of convictions from false accusations–it’s worth keeping in mind cases in which even the pre-“Dear Colleague” procedure broke down. Caleb Warner’s is one such case; William McCormick’s is another.

I’ve written about the McCormick case previously; the then-Brown freshman was accused first of sexual harassment and then sexual assault by Marcella Dresdale, daughter of Richard Dresdale, a major Brown donor who founded Fenway Partners, a $2.1 billion equity firm. Richard Dresdale appeared to have improperly influenced Brown administrators–who aggressively moved to get rid of McCormick before he even encountered Brown’s accuser-friendly disciplinary system. McCormick transferred to Bucknell, but subsequently filed a suit against the Dresdales and against Brown; the suit was settled out of court.

It was easy enough to accuse men of sexual assault on campus before colleges started following the OCR’s mandate to lower the threshold for evaluating campus assaults. I wonder how many more young men will be accused falsely because of this new mandate and how many more men will avoid college altogether when the stakes get too high?