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Why should it be the man who is relegated to second class status?

I read with interest a post at PJ lifestyle by Rhonda Robinson on cohabitation:

Cohabitation by its very nature is a shortsighted view to a committed relationship between a man and a woman. The amount of young people doing it doesn’t make it socially acceptable or desirable. Despite the author’s veiled attempt to minimize their voices by politicizing it, there’s a lot of good reasons why everyone from social conservatives to psychologists aren’t embracing shacking-up. Not the least of which is how women fall into a second-class slot that even an eventual marriage won’t always change.

My response?

Why would a man get married when he would be the one turned into a second class citizen? That’s the real question here. Marriage gives women rights and men responsibilities. Living together makes sense for men because it is imperative that he choose a spouse he can trust–there is nothing wrong with a man testing a relationship to see if it is the right one for him. If he makes a mistake, he will pay very dearly without protection from the courts or support from society.