"Testosterone is why we don't live in caves."

The Atantic has the typical negative headline for an article on the effects of testosterone on women: “Your Life on Testosterone: Overly Sure, Unwilling to Listen to Anyone” (via Instapundit):


A study testing the effect of testosterone has found that it dramatically lowers cooperation between individuals, making people more egocentric. In this study, people performed their task more poorly under the influence of testosterone. It didn’t affect their individual performance, but the lack of cooperation it caused resulted in partners making the wrong choice more frequently than they did when not under the influence of testosterone. Oh, and by the way, all the subjects were women.

Self-centered, unwilling to listen, and overly sure of yourself. This is your life on testosterone, even if you are female.

These traits are probably necessary in order to take risks that may or may not work out or that may be dangerous. We should thank our luck stars everyday for testosterone. This commenter at the Atlantic seemed to have the right idea:

Testosterone is why we don’t live in caves. Next time you’re driving a machine that runs on explosions across a thousand tons of concrete arching gracefully through the sky, and you miraculously don’t die–that’s testosterone.


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