Trump Wins — Time to End the Republican Civil War

As many are saying, the presidential election was Brexit on steroids.

Nevertheless, after eight years of autocratic Obama rule that saw an absurd healthcare plan rammed through Congress and an even more horrific Iran deal rammed though without Congress, not to mention a thousand other regulatory actions we barely hear about, a terminally flat economy, extra-constitutional executive actions etc.,etc., victory should be sweet for the Republican side -- or so you would think.

But if you were watching Fox News (not the more Trump-friendly and vastly more interesting Fox Business) as the returns were coming in, the commentators (except for the eminently sensible Tucker Carlson) made you think what we were witnessing was the final ascendance of Eugene V. Debs after six attempts and America was about to turn communist -- or something. I'm not going to name names. It's pointless and contrary to what I am trying to do. But I thought half those commentators were about to cry. Some of them actually were.

And this is a conservative network.

Now I realize this has been a trying time for everyone but, hey, we won.  There are tons of things we should all want to do, not just those of us who were dubbed Trumpkins or whatever, but the NeverTrumpers and those in between.

So rather than pursue mutual assured destruction on our side, for winners to rub it in or losers to gripe -- you can be sure the Democrats will have plenty of the same in store for us (imagine what Obama himself might try to pull, or the ever-corrupt Mr. Podesta) -- I suggest we declare a ceasefire in the Republican civil war, effective now.