After First Debate, 'Nobody Knows Anything'

In his Adventures in the Screen Trade, screenwriter William Goldman famously wrote of Hollywood that "Nobody knows anything."

He was mostly right about the movie business, except that sequels of Star Wars do tend to make a lot of money (until they don't).

But applied to politics, his words are one hundred percent correct. Nobody does know anything. Nevertheless, as in Hollywood, a lot of people are paid big bucks to pretend they do.

Goldman's was the first phrase that came to my mind after watching the Greatest Debate That Ever Lived or whatever anyone wants to call the extravaganza Monday night that turned out not to be nearly as dramatic as some were expecting.

Who won? Beats me. Does it matter? Also beats me. (Well, I do have a suspicion, but I'll get to that in a minute.)

I do notice that as of this moment (8:20PM PT) the Drudge Report is showing Donald up 90% to 10% in its online poll.  That's basically meaningless considering the source.  If Drudge's poll had shown Trump winning by less that 80% it would have spelled disaster.

As for the pundits, I can't stand watching them. They make my head explode.  And they're basically useless. No one is more disconnected from the American public than a television pundit. When have you ever heard one say something you haven't thought of a hundred times before? Well, maybe once in a blue moon. (You're free to dial off me now.  I'm no better.)

But, being a good pundit, I will say the painfully obvious. Both candidates basically got what they wanted.  Hillary didn't have a coughing fit or fall over. Donald seemed plausibly presidential. He didn't assault Clinton or bite her head off (not that she didn't deserve it). In the end,he may have gotten more.  (As I said, more of that in a moment)