Irony Squared: Could Donald Trump Be the Savior of Black America?

Irony of ironies. Former AG Eric Holder and Barack Obama have been angling for a “national dialogue on race” for years and now they’ve finally gotten one—from Donald Trump, of all people!

Be careful what you wish for, as they say, because Holder and Obama—whatever they pretended and pretend to themselves and others—were seeking to use this dialogue to expand the liberal/progressive agenda for minority communities initiated by Lyndon Johnson, which largely has been a disaster by almost all measures compared to the majority culture.

The principal substantive result to come from Johnson's War on Poverty was the validation of that famous prediction attributed to the Texan: “I'll have those [N-words] voting for us for the next two hundred years.” That proved to be true and the outcome of that repulsive statement, these days, is the black family has been decimated, African-American unemployment (particularly among the young) is massive, and violence is extreme and growing in their urban neighborhoods.

Obama and Holder, intelligent men, must realize this on some level, which makes their adherence to the same strategy -- more and more welfare, more and more food stamps, more and more reliance on government, year after year -- more than slightly sinister, even veering to the sadistic.

And then, if that’s not enough, Democrats, including Lady Hillary, encourage and coddle groups like Black Lives Matter that utilize the same methodologies on steroids, speeding up this self-destructive bridge to nowhere and opening racial rifts across the country at a breakneck clip while turning the protectors of black communities—cops—into enemies.

You have to wonder if progressives secretly hate black people.

That may sound excessive but, if at first you practice to deceive, as Sir Walter Scott reminded us…. And self-deception, leavened with self-aggrandizing moral narcissism (I’m such a good person for helping, even if what I do makes things worse!) may be the greatest of all those deceptions, the enabler of them. (Jason Riley’s Please Stop Helping Us should be required reading for all so-called progressives, as should even five minutes listening to Larry Elder.)

Enter Trump, who is suddenly calling out the Democratic Party for basically keeping black America on this modern version of the plantation. He seems like the oddest messenger for this, but is he? The accusations of racism toward Donald have always seemed hollow and disingenuous, a political gambit aimed at goading the famously thin-skinned businessman (who may finally be learning not to fall for it—we will see). In reality, however, Trump has been a businessman who puts people, lots of people of all races, to work.