Republicans Better Pay Attention to Bernie

Most Republicans and their presidential candidates (when they're not bashing each other like four-year-olds) are focused on Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee, living in fear that the Department of Justice will give a pass to the former secretary of state on her email and foundation malfeasances, even if the FBI recommends indictments.

And where is the FBI anyway? What's taking them so long?

But this has not been a good few days for Mrs. Clinton. First she lost in three states by stunning margins to Bernie Sanders, who garnered 71% of the vote in Hawaii, 73% in Washington, and and a huge 81% in Alaska.

Then it got worse. The L.A. Times reported that FBI interviews were finally looming for Mrs. Clinton and her close aides Huma Abedin, Jake Sullivan, Cheryl Mills and Philippe Reines. And 147 FBI agents are now officially said to be involved.  That's a lot of investigative power being applied to one case (or group of cases) and a lot of potential leakers if the DOJ rejects an indictment.

Ironically, Sanders' electoral success may actually be giving the DOJ encouragement -- or more precisely permission -- to go forward with the indictment. At least it may be setting up that kind of emotional climate. The people don't really want Hillary, so it's okay to indict her. Let's move on.

But moving on for the Democrats may not be as predictable as we thought -- bring on Biden or Elizabeth Warren -- if Bernie's popularity continues to grow. And it won't be simple. Sanders has an army of supporters who would not easily be mollified if the nomination is taken from their hero. Many of them are young, as we know, and the young are the ones who like to demonstrate. Welcome back, Chicago 1968! The Whole World is Watching. Where are Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin? In Guy Fawkes masks?

Meanwhile, inside the convention, the Democrat superdelegates may be standard-issue party hacks, but they're still people, subject to public opinion. They may start to see Bernie as a more formidable candidate in the general election than Hillary. The polls already show that, and have for a long time. And after the FBI/DOJ information has leaked, if it's bad news, who knows...?