Biden Gaffes Again: Says His Healthcare Plan 'Not Quality,' 'Will Increase Premiums'

( Nicholas Ballasy screenshot)

Joe Biden was on the campaign trail in New Hampshire Friday, which means that the potential for a new gaffe to add to his growing repertoire was high.

While speaking at a health care town hall at Dartmouth College in Hanover, the Democratic front-runner did not disappoint.


Biden, who is considered the Democrats’ most electable candidate, hit his first snag while trying to describe his healthcare plan: “For folks in the working class that are below 400,  they will, in fact, increase their premiums,” he stammered, adding quickly,  “excuse me, will increase the generosity of the premium tax cut that they now get.”


Biden struggled on, telling the crowd that there would be non-quality options with his healthcare plan. “The public option will be available with my plan. We’ll make sure it’s not quality, we’ll make sure it’s only affordable,” he told the audience, adding quickly, “quality that’s affordable.”


Things got positively weird when Biden started reminiscing about the political assassinations of the 1960s and then wondered what it would have been like if former President Obama had been assassinated too.

NBC correspondent Mike Memoli reported on Twitter from the scene:


Biden capped off the day by giving a lakeside speech in the small town of Croydon, N.H., to an underwhelming audience of two to three dozen people.



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