Trump Campaign Store Now Selling 'Fredo Unhinged' T-Shirts

Trump-Pence Reelection Campaign "Fredo Unhinged" tee shirts. Image via Trump-Pence campaign website.

Just in time for back-to-school shopping, the Trump-Pence reelection campaign has added “Fredo Unhinged” t-shirts to its online store. The tees cost $34.00 and come in sizes small to 3x.


“CNN’s Chris Cuomo is Fredo!” The campaign ad says. “The truth hurts. He totally lost it. Help us annoy Chris Cuomo and buy your ‘Fredo Unhinged Tee’ now!”

Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale tweeted that the campaign only has a limited supply of the t-shirts, “which was inspired by the epic & historic viral video” of CNN host Chris Cuomo’s meltdown.

President Trump on Tuesday had a lot of fun on Twitter at Cuomo’s expense.

After the president’s tweet, the video returned to YouTube.


The president retweeted the following tweets:

The president also made the following brilliant point on Twitter:

A number of “conservatives” on Twitter have rushed to Cuomo’s defense, saying that he was right to be angry because the man insulted him while he was allegedly out with his family, but that point is in dispute.


If Cuomo really was out with his family when the altercation took place, that makes his unhinged, profanity-laced behavior even more egregious. Who acts like that in front of their kids?

With the exception of Hannity, most of the Cuomo-defenders fall into the “never-Trumper” category — or as Townhall’s Kurt Schlichter calls them “FredoCons.”

Ace of Spades explains why this is:

There’s no virtue to be signaled defending conservatives. No, the only way to get Liberal Doggie Treats is to beg for them from your Liberal Masters.

So that’s what all the cowards, weaklings, and half-wits do.

I think it’s time for the grifters, nepots, incompetents, and outright liberals posing as “Safe for MSNBC Fake Conservatives” to be purged.

Cuomo apologized for his behavior on Twitter Tuesday, saying he should be better than the people who “bait” him, which he complained happens all of the time these days.

In response to Cuomo’s tweet, a Twitter user said: “As of Tuesday morning, the viral video had over 3.4 million views – more than three times the audience that Cuomo typically draws. During the month of July, ‘Cuomo Prime Time’ averaged 954,000 nightly viewers.”


Trump responded to a Twitter user who said most of that audience comes from airports:

Via the Washington Free Beacon, here is a video compilation of all the times the liberals at CNN used the alleged ethnic slur “Fredo” on conservatives.


According to Parscale, the tee shirts are selling like hot cakes:

Also — don’t question this tweet, just do it!:

Audio recording via AoSHQ:


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