BLM and Antifa Agitators Take Over Street in Portland to Protest Police Shooting

Protesters on Oct. 6, 2018 expressed anger at the fatal police shooting of Patrick Kimmons, 26, who was killed by two officers near 3rd and Oak Streets in Portland last week. (Photo by John Rudoff, Sipa-USA.)(Sipa via AP Images)

Portland authorities allowed a small group of Black Lives Matter and antifa protesters to take over a busy street in downtown Portland over the weekend, where they redirected traffic and bullied drivers — and it wasn’t for the first time.


For the past week and a half, left-wing activists have been protesting the shooting death of Patrick Kimmons, who was fatally shot by police officers after being involved in a gang-related shooting that left two people wounded on Sept. 30.

According to Oregon Live, police officers reacted with deadly force when they “saw Kimmons turn toward them or head their way holding a gun.”

The officers yelled commands and fired at Kimmons with their handguns, striking him in the upper torso and leg. Between the sergeant and officer, 10 to 12 shots were fired.

Dozens of protesters, including members of Kimmons’ family, marched through downtown Portland to the parking lot where the shooting occurred to protest and demand “police accountability.”

“We’re not here to riot. We’re here for justice,” said Charles Kimmons, a family member. “We need to fight this all the way to the end. These cops need to be locked up.”

Oregon Live nonchalantly reported that some members of the group decided to block a busy street near the parking lot, “but directed traffic around the demonstration,” as if taking over the street was a completely normal and acceptable thing to do.

Protesters mixed with traffic, mostly without incident, but reporters for Oregon Public Broadcasting and KATU-TV said a driver struck a protester near the Justice Center and drove away. The protester was not seriously injured.


That poor protester. There is video from the incident in the second tweet below. The first video shows the self-appointed traffic cops dealing with the confused and annoyed motorists “mostly without incident” but with a lot of F-bombs, bullying, intimidation, and accusations of white supremacy. Both videos were shot by Portland area videographer Brandon Farley.

“Just go that way,” a female agitator barks at a driver in the first video. When he asks why, she fires back, “Because I told you to!”

“Yeah, you little white little f**ker!” a belligerent compatriot, who is white himself, hollers. “You’re a f*cking whitey aren’t ya?!” he taunts. “Get the f*ck down the road!”  The woman insists that the motorist, who was visiting from North Carolina, go the way she’s directing him. She explains to him impatiently that he’s blocking traffic (even though the protesters, of course, were the ones blocking traffic).

Noticing the man’s North Carolina license plate, the foul-mouthed protester calls him a white supremacist.

“Go back to North Carolina where you came from. We don’t need your KKK in Portland, Oregon!” the man shouts.

While the flustered motorist speaks with someone on the phone about his awkward predicament, the camera pans on a police officer standing nearby doing absolutely nothing, probably on orders from the liberal mayor’s office.


One of the Black Lives Matter protesters repeatedly threatens motorists with physical violence, shouting at a pick-up truck driver: “You’re lucky you didn’t hit me — I’d have beat your ass!”

One plucky female driver lashes out at the the leftists towards the end of the video, telling them, “I pay my bills, shut the f**k up.”

In this clip, an elderly man tries to get through a crowd of protesters who have surrounded his car and are screaming and beating on it.  One of the agitators goes down momentarily but jumps back up to rejoin the fight.  The mob chases the man and beats on his car as he tries to make a getaway.

During an earlier protest on October 2nd, the  protesters were also allowed to block the street and redirect traffic.

BLM and antifa protesters found themselves being heckled by a homeless man during their protest on Oct. 1st.

“He shot two people!” the homeless guy hollered from across the street as the protesters chanted, “His name was Patrick Kimmons!”

“I don’t give a f*ck what his name was — he’s gone! And he was a gang-banging, people-shooting motherf*cker!” the shirtless man exclaimed.

This prompted several of the protesters to race across the street to confront him.


“He shot at people!” the man repeated. “Right here, I live right here!”

A white woman rushed across the street to argue with the man.

“You’re a white privileged little motherf*cker,” the woman said, before stomping off.

“White privilege?!” the exasperated man exclaimed. “I live in the f*cking street, woman!”

“Get the facts straight!” he hollered at the protesters through cupped hands. “All lives matter! All lives matter! All lives matter!”

This enraged the agitators, who again scurried cross the street to confront him.

“Black lives matter,” they chanted in his face. One man clapped out the syllables in his face.

“He shot two people!” the homeless man repeated, refusing to back down. “What do you expect to happen? What do you expect?!”


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