DisruptJ20 Dramatically Scales Back Plans to Sabotage Inauguration After Project Veritas Sting

After two Project Veritas videos shined a light on their nefarious activities, the activist coalition DisruptJ20 has “dramatically scaled back” their plans to sabotage the inauguration of Donald Trump, according to reports.


Legba Carrefour, the self-described “glam anarchist” who was caught on tape plotting bridge and train blockades, came up with a convenient cover story for the media. “The amount of chaos is being intentionally overstated” by his group, he said.

Via U.S. News:

“By virtue of us making those claims, it whips people up into the kind of panic that accidentally ends up causing the chaos we want. You can say ‘all of Metro is being blockaded’ and people will stay home,” the local anarchist says.

Carrefour, who has for weeks shared with reporters grandiose visions of a traffic-blocking “clusterf–k,” tells U.S. News the current plan is to block just one bridge on Friday morning.

He asked that the particular roadway not be identified.

And U.S. News obliged.

After the release of the second video, Carrefour said the blockade planning it featured has been scaled back in response to recently identified official road closings.

It appears that they won’t be preventing the peaceful transition of power after all.


The group claimed after the story broke that they were just leading Project Veritas on. Now they seem to be suggesting that it was all part of a disinformation campaign to depress attendance at the inauguration and related events and balls.

Here is James O’Keefe explaining why that is absolute hokum:

Now, more evidence has emerged that suggests that DisruptJ20 activists weren’t joking.



Stay tuned.


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