Al Gore Has 'Extremely Interesting' Meeting With Donald Trump

Former Vice President Al Gore with President-elect Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump at Trump Tower in New York, NY (Photo by Albin Lohr-Jones via AP Images)

Former Vice President Al Gore, a leading proponent of anti-global warming advocacy, met with President-elect Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka for what he described as “an extremely interesting conversation” at Trump Tower on Monday.


Via NBC News:

Gore, who campaigned for Hillary Clinton, declined to say what exactly he and Trump spoke about during the meeting. But he said he met with both the president-elect and Ivanka Trump, who reportedly wants to make climate change one of her signature issues.

“I had a lengthy and very productive session with the president-elect. It was a sincere search for areas of common ground… I found it an extremely interesting conversation, and to be continued, and I’m just going to leave it at that,” Gore told reporters after the meeting.

The meeting came just days after a source said Ivanka was interested in making climate change one of her signature issues.

Trump, however, has been skeptical of climate change, calling it a “hoax” and tweeting in 2012 that global warming was “created” by the Chinese.

Asked about Trump’s meeting with Al Gore, campaign manager Kellyanne Conway this afternoon said, “I’m very glad the former vice president came in.”


She added, “There’s a very small group of people in this country who have been president or vice president in the United States, so obviously it would be a conversation of folks who really breathe a rarefied air at that level.” Asked for details about what they discussed, Conway said, “I’ll keep that confidential unless Vice President Gore would like to disclose that.”


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