Bernie Delegate Allegedly Assaulted by Hillary Supporter + Other Tales of DNC Unity

Bernie supporters are allegedly being threatened, and in at least one case, physically assaulted by pro-Hillary forces at the Democratic National Convention according to sources. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. The Democratic establishment wanted to showcase a unified party this week at their national convention, but the DNC email leaks last Friday threw a major wrench into those plans.


Bernie Sanders’ supporters, who had long suspected that the DNC rigged the primary election in favor of “Crooked Hillary,” had their suspicions confirmed when the leaked emails proved just that. Many of these “Bernie Bros” are not ready to “Feel the Hill,” even though their candidate is urging them to do so.

The leaks created a huge rift in the party at a time when all factions should have been coming together to defeat their common enemy, Donald Trump. Factor in Clinton’s total lack of appeal to millennials, who find her to be dishonest, untrustworthy and profoundly uncool, and the Democrats have a serious problem on their hands.

Bernie’s supporters have been protesting and booing the proceedings this week, making for a tense convention, where panicky DNC officials and pro-Hillary delegates have reportedly resorted to forcing “party unity” by any means necessary. Sources say DNC officials have headed off disruptions during the primetime hours of the convention this week by threatening to take away the credentials of delegates who protest or boo.

Rumors swirled all day Wednesday that Nina Turner, a former state senator from Ohio, did have her DNC credentials stripped, but those rumors were refuted by sources close to her. Turner had apparently been scheduled to speak at the convention Tuesday night, but was dropped at the last minute.


Liberal actress Susan Sarandon said during a brief press conference Wednesday evening that convention organizers scuttled planned remarks from the prominent Sanders surrogate.

Turner is a former state senator from Ohio who hoped to announce Sanders’ nomination Tuesday night even if rival Hillary Clinton had the votes to win.

Sarandon said convention organizers are making it difficult to carry out “the will of Bernie Sanders’ people.”

Also on Wednesday, a pro-Hillary delegate from Tennessee was kicked out of the convention after allegedly assaulting a Bernie Sanders supporter, the Daily Mail reports:

Jerry Ogle was ejected from the DNC in Philadelphia after he was accused of grabbing Amanda Kruel and shouting “act like a Democrat” because she cheered for the Vermont senator.

Ms Kruel booed Clinton after her name was mentioned on Monday and cast her vote for Sanders during the roll call on Tuesday.

“Yesterday I was cheering for Bernie as many others were and there was a guy behind me who was making faces at me,” Ms Kruel told The Tennessean.

“There was one point where he grabbed me by the shoulder and he twisted me around and yelled in my face: ‘Act like a Democrat.'”

Ms Kruel said she reported the incident on Monday afternoon – shortly after the convention opened – to party officials, who banned Ogle the next morning.

Ogle – a delegate for Clinton from Tennessee – was replaced by a standby state official.


Amanda Kruel’s name came up in the DNC email leaks as high-ranking DNC staff debated whether to allow her to attend a fundraiser in Knoxville, Tenn., in June because her tweets had “thrown shade” on outgoing party chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Tennessee activist Amanda Kruel had sent “multiple tweets throwing shade on DWS,” Alan Reed, compliance director for the DNC, noted in a May 19, 2016 email released through the massive WikiLeaks disclosure. Reed added that Kruel was a “staunch Bernie supporter and campaign staffer” who had been elected a delegate in Tennessee’s party meetings.

In tweets last year, Kruel often took aim at Wasserman Schultz. For example, last August, Wasserman Schultz tweeted, “Democrats are fighting for progress for all Americans.” Kruel responded: “@TheDemocrats were fighting for progress for all Americans. Now @DWStweets is fighting for progress for Hillary & crew.”

The staffers eventually decided to allow her to come to the fundraiser because the optics of denying her would have been too bad. As it turned out, there were no problems. Even though Kruel participated in a demonstration outside that she helped organize, she was on her best behavior when she went inside the fundraiser and even posed for a picture with Wasserman Schultz.


Kruel said she joked at the time that a security guy at the event had been assigned to her because he seemed to be close to her for the entire the event. Now she says, “that joke may have been a fact.”

As it turns out, the person who was in need of a body guard was Kruel herself at the DNC this week.

Meanwhile, according to Emily Zanotti of Heat Street, disgruntled Bernie supporters may finally succeed in disrupting the convention Wednesday night.

… “Bernie Bros” are reportedly planning their biggest disruption yet, as  Clinton’s presumptive vice president, Tim Kaine, takes the stage.

Disappointed that she didn’t pander to the progressives with her pick for second in command, Sanders delegates are declaring a “political revolution,” according to pamphlets being handed out at pro-Bernie DNC protests this morning.

Speaking to media earlier in the week, Sanders delegate organizer Norman Solomon declared that there was widespread sentiment among Bernie delegates that something had to be done: “There’s serious interest right now and exploration as we speak of a formal challenge.”

The convention got off to a great start Wednesday afternoon when some Bernie supporters changed the wording on their signs from “STRONGER TOGETHER” to “STOP HER”:


As Zanotti predicted, “Wednesday night may be the true test of the DNC’s extensive unity efforts.”


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