Poll: Most Americans Disapprove of FBI Decision Not To Charge Clinton

A new poll released Monday shows that most Americans disagree with the FBI’s recommendation not to charge Hillary Clinton for mishandling classified information on her private email server. While most say the issue makes them worried about how she’d handle her responsibilities as president, most also say the email controversy won’t affect their vote.


Unsurprisingly, opinions differed along partisan lines.

The ABC News/Washington Post poll showed that 56 percent of Americans disapprove of the FBI’s recommendation not to charge Clinton, compared to 35 percent who approve. A similar number — 57 percent — said the implications worry them:

Nearly nine in 10 Republicans disagree with the FBI’s decision and say it worries them about what she’d do if she became president.

Democrats see things very differently, but with less unanimity –- about two-thirds approve of the decision not to charge Clinton and think the issue is unrelated to what she’d do as president. But three in 10 of Clinton’s own party faithful think she should have been charged.

Further, as noted, political independents side more with Republicans on the issue, with roughly six in 10 saying the FBI was wrong and that the issue raises worries about Clinton as president.

Shockingly, when asked if the “outcome of issue changed the likelihood of supporting Clinton,” 16 percent of Democrats said it increased their support of her:

Forty-five percent of Republicans say the issue makes no difference in their vote — likely meaning they wouldn’t have voted for Clinton anyway — while another 47 percent say it makes them less apt to support her. Among Democrats, the email issue makes no difference to three quarters, and 16 percent say it’s strengthened their support (likely given that she wasn’t charged) — but one in 10 say they’re less likely to vote for her because of it.


I beg to differ with ABC’s explanation as to why 16 percent of Democrats would be more likely to support Clinton after the FBI’s findings were made known. Hillary being cleared of wrongdoing by the DOJ in their decision not to indict is not the cause.

On the contrary, the FBI was very clear that “Crooked Hillary” had been “extremely careless” in her handling of classified information, jeopardized national security, and then lied profusely about it.

So the 16 percent are simply impressed that she got away with it.

Remember, the greatest enemies of the Democrat base are not America’s foreign adversaries, but you and I: their political opposition. They see Clinton’s ability to slither through controversies and legal issues unscathed as a huge resume enhancer.

Hillary’s impressive ability to escape prosecution after brazenly disregarding laws the rest of us must abide by makes her uniquely qualified to carry the torch for the left’s Marxist agenda — an agenda which necessarily includes defeating conservatives and overturning the United States Constitution.


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