NARAL Goes on Unhinged Twitter Rampage Over Super Bowl Commercials

Super Bowl Sunday is an unofficial holiday for millions of Americans, but to the joyless feminists of NARAL (formerly the National Abortion Rights Action League) it is an opportunity to denounce advertisers for committing PC violations against abortion orthodoxy.


During the big game yesterday, NARAL’s Twitter account “live-tweeted” reactions to the highly anticipated Super Bowl commercials, exposing themselves yet again to be the angry, humorless scolds we all know them to be. The pro-abortion outfit chastised advertisers over the most micro of “microaggressions” and their SJW followers on Twitter retweeted their complaints.

  • Hyundai was scolded for depicting women as “bad drivers who get distracted by the mere sight of a man.”
  • Buick drew their ire for depicting women fighting over a wedding bouquet. “That was the best you could come up with?” NARAL seethed.
  • Audi was criticized for something they didn’t do. “You couldn’t find a single female astronaut to feature in your ad?” NARAL snarled.
  • Snickers was attacked for being “transphobic” and implying that women are okay with “being objectified as long as they have snacks.” (Well, if it’s dark chocolate with something chewy in the middle, I might be okay with being “objectified” just a little bit….)

There’s more, but it’s all so tedious and boring. But… their tweet panning the Doritos ad has garnered the most negative attention. Watch the ad, which is pretty silly, to be sure.


The Doritos ad in question showed a father eating Doritos while his pregnant wife received an ultrasound. The baby reacts strongly to the Doritos whenever Dad gets close with a chip. At the end, the baby physically launches itself out of the womb to try to get Doritos.

It wasn’t the disturbing depiction of a human baby lunging out of the womb for Doritos that bothered NARAL. (My goodness, what was that? “Devil Baby’s” little brother?) No, they were upset because Doritos had the presumption to characterize a human baby as… human.

What kind of dark place are you coming from, when you get enraged because a baby — within seconds of being born — is allowed to be seen as other than a piece of tissue? The very definition of the word “fetus” has the word “human” in it: “an unborn offspring of a mammal, in particular an unborn human baby more than eight weeks after conception.”

Ultrasound’s been around for decades. This is science — this is what a human being in the womb looks like.


At the Federalist, Molly Hemingway sheds light why on the ghouls at NARAL are so offended by an ultrasound images.

Such technology is one of the many reasons that people know about development of the human life in utero. Perhaps the only reason we don’t see more of such developing human life is because of abortion politics and some activists’ desire to keep abortion legal all the way up until the moment of birth. Depictions of the vibrant and active life in the womb dampen their efforts.

Pro-abortion fanatics despise ultrasounds because they show the awful truth: “Choice” means ending a human life. And the truth — like unwanted babies — cannot not be borne.


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