Obama Urges Citizens to Stand Up Against the National Rifle Association

A hallmark of Obama’s presidency since his early days in office has been his habit of pitting American citizens against each other: Democrats vs. Republicans, blacks vs. whites, rich vs. poor, climate change alarmists vs. climate change skeptics, gay vs. straight, etc.


It was shocking at first. Seven years in, it is depressingly expected of the Community-Organizer-in-Chief.

In his weekly address, released Friday, Obama vowed to spend his final year in office seeking ways to impose gun control policies via executive fiat, and urged American citizens to stand up against groups like the NRA — which, of course, is made up of other American citizens.

Obama had a message for “the rest of us”:

In the address, Obama went on to urge citizens to stand up against the groups like the National Rifle Association, with which he has had a contentious relationship since entering office.

“The gun lobby is loud and well organized in its defense of effortlessly available guns for anyone,” he said. “The rest of us are going to have to be just as passionate and well organized in defense of our kids.”


Thanks to his constant attacks on the Second Amendment, Obama is considered to be the greatest gun salesman in American history.


He’s also no slouch when it comes to encouraging NRA membership.

It seems the more blistering criticism they get from their opponents, the higher NRA’s favorability and memberships grow. A Gallup Poll conducted in early October this year showed a solid majority of Americans (58%) admitting they have an overall favorable impression of the NRA. Of course that was before the attacks in Paris, France and San Bernardino, California.

There’s a lot about the next twelve months that is impossible to predict, but there is one thing we can be pretty sure of: Obama will remain America’s top gun salesman and NRA booster.



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