Hey, GOP: Embrace ‘We Told You So’

An eggshell-walking style of outreach — employed by the RNC since the left convinced mainstream culture that “conservative” means “fascist” — has been carried out by the Party despite it not having a smidgen of evidence in regards to its effectiveness.


You won’t see any tiptoes at CPAC; the convention offers plenty of bombast. But do note that much of it is emitted by those who, when exposed to a less-partisan audience, measure how tightly they can be seen embracing the Constitution. Mitch McConnell wouldn’t dare wave that firearm — and I’m suspicious that the specific firearm he chose was focus-grouped — in front of undecideds. Party leadership unfailingly goes with “avuncular” around potential new voters, despite being unable to back this decision.

When you have the truth on your side, get out the truth. If the truth isn’t on your side, switch parties.

I wager the swing-voter open to voting Republican will recognize the GOP’s wealth of correct pronouncements since 2008, whether they come from mealy leadership or Ted Cruz, and the average American open to voting Republican for a first time won’t reject the scorecard solely due to the manner of delivery. A person making such judgments wouldn’t be open to voting Republican.

Remind voters of the 2008, 2010, and 2012 GOP platforms, and dare them to find a flawed GOP prediction. Just one. Dare them to name just one successful Democratic prediction.

Or, fill them in:

— The GOP was correct about innovation and exploration being a wiser approach to energy than a full-scale implementation of wind and solar energy. Those approaches were taken throughout Europe, bringing Spain, Italy, and now Germany to the brink of collapse and an increased investment in coal. Meanwhile, U.S. free market innovation led to the fracking boom, a cleaner, safer means of extracting energy and a secure bridge to future energy innovations, “green” or otherwise.

The Democratic platform on this issue could not have been more wrong.

— The GOP was correct in its general rejection of bailouts and Treasury printings as the quickest means to an economic recovery. Yes, George W. Bush disagreed, but the majority of the Party rejected his opinion.

— The GOP was correct in its analysis of the Middle East as an area whose tumult is fueled by various strains of Islamic extremism and oppression rather than anger towards the U.S. or Israel. Later, the GOP was correct in its analysis of the “Arab Spring” as a Sunni Islamist uprising rather than a sudden embrace of Jeffersonian democracy. The scale of lost lives and crushed hopes of freedom due to U.S. failure to respond correctly is difficult to fathom now; the repurcussions will last decades.

— The GOP was correct in its analysis of Putin as an aspiring Soviet tyrant. (Yes, Bush was initially incorrect regarding Putin as well.) The hopes of millions of Russians have been crushed and the safety of Eastern Europe imperiled directly as a result of the Democrats “reset” policy.

— The GOP was correct in its analysis of Obamacare as a guaranteed failure, the source of increased costs rather than decreased costs, as a legally dubious law bound to create a Constitutional crisis, as the destruction of the doctor-patient relationship, as a tax on the young and the not-yet born. You name it, the GOP was correct about Obamacare.

The Democrats have rarely invested as much energy in a bill as they have with Obamacare. They treated it as the best idea they ever had.

— Sarah Palin demonstrably outsmarted the Democrats on every single issue she ran on.


Run on the “I Told You So” platform. Literally trot out quotes and video from the prior six years, and challenge voters to identify either a failed conservative prediction or a successful Democratic prediction.

The truth obliterates the Democratic platforms, so this should be easy, but the GOP never chooses easy.


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