2 Free Apps That Can Help You Make Cool Videos Easily

This is my favorite “running at Dawn with the Siberian Husky” video that I’ve shot so far:


I’ve been experimenting with the new Hyperlapse and Lomotif apps. Hyperlapse allows you to shoot video and then speed it up to 2, 4, 6, 8, or 12 times the speed. Lomotif’s primary reason for being is to allow you to easily download 30 second iTunes samples to give videos musical accompaniment. It has other very useful features too. I like the ability to add titles and splice together multiple video clips.

What I found with this video is a feature that I regard as a game changer: not only can one just overlay any music track on iTunes or in your own library, but it’s very easy to pick which specific part of the song you want to use and then to time it up with the action.

So what I did with the video above is download the sample of the Harlem Shakes’ “Sunlight” from their album Technicolor Health and synch it so that the sun shot matches with the chorus. Lyrics:


Sunlight, sunlight baby
We just let go of the night now slowly
We won’t dance, we won’t sing, we won’t talk
We just gonna watch how it bends

Anybody have any other ideas for great songs (ahem, Allston, I think this is your department) I should use in more Maura running videos?


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