Is the Dark Knight Trilogy This Generation's Star Wars?

I haven’t seen the movie that the PJ Tatler’s editor Bryan Preston calls “the best film of the trilogy and the best comic book film yet made” and that Breitbart Editor-at-Large Ben Shapiro dubs “probably the most conservative film of all time” and “the end of probably the greatest movie trilogy in film history.” And I won’t see it for at least a week and a half — when my wife finally returns from her artist residency in Spain then we’ll get caught up on all the big movies we’ve missed this summer. Nowadays I see little point in watching a film if she’s not there to enjoy it with me.


One of my friends shared this image last night on Facebook:

If this is the case then I’m even more excited to see Dark Knight Rises. Empire is certainly a better, deeper, more sophisticated film than Jedi, but it’s not the more emotionally satisfying one. If I’m wanting some fun, Star Wars childhood nostalgia then I’ll stick Jedi in the DVD player. Or I’ll watch just the scenes from Empire where Luke meets Yoda for the first time. As a 3-year-old I would demand to re-watch this sequence over-and-over again, celebrating it as “Star Wars with Yoda.” Thank you Youtube, I’d never seen the scene before in French:

Does Dark Knight repeat the pattern?

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