Why the Westboro Baptist Church Focuses The Hatred on Gay People

via I AmAn Ex-Member of the Westboro Baptist Church.

Q: Thank you for doing this! So many questions…

Can you explain a little bit about your family’s specific focus on homosexuality? There seems to be quite a bit of selective quoting of the bible; are the members of WBC aware of their apparent hypocrisy, or are there some alternate interpretations of the additional passages that they operate under?

If predetermination is a core belief, why is the church so concerned with the actions of others? In other words, what drives them to try to “save” people, when its already decided what’s going to happen to everyone?[…]

A: My father believes homosexuality is a special sin you can’t recover from. He get’s this from some obscure passage in Romans. Yes, there is a tremendous amount of selective quoting. But this is lost on them because they never really were taught to examine the Bible and decide for themselves. They were taught to believe what he believes. This leaves them wholly unable to truly debate anyone. They recognize certain sounds and respond to those sounds with the sounds they learned. They don’t critically analyze the incoming sounds at all.

One of those sounds they recognize is “why do you preach if you don’t think people can be saved” to which they respond with the sound “it’s not our job to save, only to preach”. It’s what I call the divine Nuremberg defense.


Hat tip: Boing Boing. For more on Nate Phelps check out his homepage here and follow him on Twitter. From the looks of his tweets it appears he’s embraced atheism.

Here’s Nate’s sister arguing with an anchor on Fox News:


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