Out of Desperation, Jewish Left Invents New Front Group


The gap is widening between the decrepit Jewish-American left and the ever-stronger Jewish State of Israel. That in turn has allowed a certain amount of fear and hysteria to spread among the usual gang of wealthy Jewish buttinskies and kibitzers. With their (exaggerated) influence over Israel waning, the moneyed Jewish elites are now frantically trying to regroup and consolidate to make themselves appear powerful. Et voila!, their newest Potemkin organization. Letterhead, office space, Rolodex and website provided courtesy of the empty suits and their chump change.



Sultan Knish, 7/15/12

 The Peace Business

 “That despite their money and the organizations that they create; the victory in Israel’s range war will not go to the billionaire on Wall Street, but the farmers and herders of Judea.”

By Daniel Greenfield

Anyone who has watched enough monster movies knows how hard it is to kill the monster. You can set Frankenstein on fire, stab Dracula through the chest with a wooden stake and take the Wolfman to the vet; but sooner or later they come roaring back twice as angry as ever.

The Israel Policy Forum, a left-wing group, which mated a few years ago with the Center for American Progress, has split away again to corner that booming market in Jewish organizations that hate Israel; but try to pretend not to when people are watching.

With J Street, Jewish Voice for Peace, Open Zion, Uri L’Tzedek and Americans for Peace Now, just to name a few, all boasting more column inches in the media than members, the revival of IPF is about as timely as opening up a bank dedicated to subprime loans. The market for Israel-bashing, like the market for underwater homes, is falling as fast as Obama’s approval ratings.


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