'Adam Ruins Everything' Now Planning to Ruin This Circus of a Presidential Election

If you hate facts getting in the way of good narrative, you’ll want to avoid Adam Ruins Everything, a myth-busting show on TruTV where host Adam Conover puts the screws to common misconceptions. In the past, Adam has gone out of his way to avoid seeming overly political. That might be about to change. From Deadline:

… the show’s upcoming election special, October 25, will use a slightly different format, to ruin the presidential race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The special will seem more like Ted Talk-y, with Conover –  who wanted TV critics to know he never fell for the Santa Claus thing, even as a young child –   stands and talks, with slides, while actors perform comedy sketch elements. The election show will explain weird social science facts about presidential history, how polling works, and otherwise fill in the gaps of knowledge about our country’s process of picking POTUS.

It may be possible to tackle this topic without coming down on one side or the other. Indeed, given the approach Conover and company have utilized before, it seems likely that they will work to annoy everyone equally, probably by detailing how rigged the whole system is.

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