Watch Henry Cavill Ask Kids Whether They Prefer Batman or Superman

In a hilarious video promoting a charity contest for Omaze, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice star Henry Cavill asks kids which of the two superheroes they prefer. It’s tough to decide which is funnier, the answers from the kids, or Cavill’s lobbying for the character he plays. Cavill doesn’t miss a chance to argue against Batman, even addressing some digs at co-star Ben Affleck.

The video promotes the “Ultimate Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice Experience,” a fundraising sweepstakes that benefits the SEED Project, the Eastern Congo Initiative, and the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. Entrants have a chance to win a ride in the Batmobile, a flight with Cavill in a helicopter, a photo with Ben Affleck at the film’s New York premiere, and the right to “photobomb” the cast with Jesse Eisenberg on the red carpet.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice crashes into theaters on March 25th.