Michael Moore Giving Away Tickets to His Next Movie

It has always served Michael Moore well to emphasize his roots in Flint, Michigan. Leading with “I was born in Flint” certainly makes him more relatable to his target audience than leading with “I owned nine multi-million dollar properties before my divorce.”

Moore continues to flaunt the Flint connection in promotion of his latest film, as noted by The Hollywood Reporter:

Flint, Mich., residents will be able to see Michael Moore’s Where to Invade Next for free at local theaters.

Beginning on Friday, Cinemark’s Flint West 14 and the NCG Trillium Cinema + Imax will give out tickets at no charge for a full one-week run.

It’s yet to be seen whether anyone will pay to see it, or in what numbers. THR notes the film looks “into how Europeans view work, education, health care, sex, equality and other issues as compared to the U.S.” Sounds like a real barn burner.