New Jesus Film Rises Above the Genre

screen capture from YouTube

The new Joseph Fiennes film Risen is being hailed as a legitimately good film. Far too many Christian films elevate their evangelism over storytelling. According to Collider, Risen gets things right:

A hybrid of two seemingly disparate genres, Risen tells a biblical epic – the Resurrection of Christ – through the prism of a film-noir detective yarn…

There’s hardly a scene Joseph Fiennes isn’t in, the whole film resting solely on his character’s arc from non-believer to convert. It’s a subtle performance from the actor, no wide-eyed posturing or third-act revelatory speeches. The first person narrative adds power to the last act of Risen as [the Roman Tribune] Clavius transitions from protagonist to spectator, the movie itself sidelining its own lead – in effect showcasing just how small one man is in the grander scheme.

For a more complete review of the movie, see: ‘Risen’: Hollywood Gets Jesus Right by PJ Media’s Tyler O’Neil.

Risen arrives in theaters this weekend, February 19th.