Some Viewers Want to Murder the 'Making a Murderer' Prosecutor

Word of mouth has been viral regarding the Netflix-produced documentary series Making a Murderer. It’s the new Orange Is the New Black. Everybody’s watching the story of how Steven Avery was allegedly framed for murder by Wisconsin law enforcement. Apparently, the tale proves so provocative that it has driven some to inundate Avery’s former prosecutor with death threats. From The Hollywood Reporter:

Ken Kratz, the former Calumet County district attorney, told Nancy Grace on Wednesday that he has received thousands of threats on his life and on the life of his family from those who believe he was involved in the framing of Avery.

“I have no problem with people talking about me personally, but when I read up to 3,000 emails … about they want to rape my daughter and they want me to watch, those kind of things happening. They not only want to kill me, but they want to harm my family. Those kind of things are way beyond what’s reasonable,” Kratz told Grace.

Yeah, “beyond reasonable” is a fair statement. Pro tip: if your response to any miscarriage of justice is threats of rape and murder, you might need to reevaluate your priorities.