Jesse Watters Goes to Dearborn, the Largest Arab Community in America

I spent my earliest years around Detroit, living in the suburbs of Inkster and Garden City. We weren’t far from Dearborn, which I remember as an affluent community for people with more means than our family.

Today, Dearborn has a very different reputation. It’s the largest Arab-American community in the United States. In the video above, Fox News’ Jesse Watters takes to the streets to put a face on Dearborn.

When asked what they think of their Muslim neighbors, white residents interviewed by Watters have nothing nice to say. “They’re bad,” says one man. “They’re not friendly. They don’t speak to you.”

Aside from social niceties, other complaints reference religious-inspired violence. “Last year, there was a woman stoned,” a second man told Watters. “Not too long ago, I read [that] there was an honor killing because a girl bought condoms.”

As Watters points out, the police chief is Muslim, as are a majority on the city council. The town stands as a portend of what America could look like if the Muslim population approached a majority.