Are You Ready for a Christian Streaming Service?

If the name Pure Flix rings a bell, it may be in connection with the Christian production company’s standout commercial hit God Is Not Dead. They also have a film in theaters right now, Faith of Our Fathers.

Pure Flix has recently jumped into the streaming entertainment space, creating a Netflix-style service featuring “faith and family movies, TV shows, and educational programs.” They charge $7.99 per month, which is the same that Netflix charges for their streaming service.

Of course, with Netflix, you’re getting a significantly larger library of titles with presumably higher production values. So why would you want to pay for this other service on top of it?

No doubt, a market exists for programming that has been pre-screened to meet religious standards. Perhaps, if this catches on and takes off, the success might motivate higher-quality Christian productions in the same way Netflix’s success has fostered original programming.

Hmm. What would a Christian “House of Cards” look like?