Pelosi Is Now 'Non-Essential Nancy.' Here Are 20 Jobs More Important Than Hers.

Nancy Pelosi has basically deemed congressional Representatives non-essential by giving House members an extended vacation until May 4th at the earliest. She announced a three-week extension last week.

The Senate, which is also operating on a skeleton crew to socially distance members, says the “Paycheck Protection Program,” a fund to help struggling small businesses get loans, is now dry and Pelosi won’t call the House back to work to fund it.

Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, is, as much as he can be, apoplectic over Pelosi’s recalcitrance.

Congressional members must be present to vote and we’re sure Pelosi, who invited world travelers to come to San Francisco’s Chinatown after the seriousness of the coronavirus was known, has some political reason for keeping the House home.

But Pelosi sidelining the House during this time has clarified one inescapable conclusion: She’s non-essential employee number one.

With that in mind, here are 20 jobs that are more essential to the American people right now than Nancy Pelosi’s.

1. Medical Professionals

Of course.

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2. Farmers

If they don’t grow it, you can’t eat it. This farmer is more essential than Nancy Pelosi.

Danny Mercer With Permission

3. Truckers

They get everything to everywhere. Nancy Pelosi can’t even get her caboose to DC.

4. Grocery Store Employees

They keep the food on the shelves and bag it for you.

5. The People Who Keep Zoom Going

Would any business, Bible study, church service or book club exist without Zoom right now?
Nancy’s the only one in America who doesn’t need it. She just needs to be in her DC office.

6. Restaurant Food Delivery People

When you get a hankering and are too lazy or unable to get your own food, these people pick up your order and drop it off at your door. Nancy Pelosi won’t do that.

7. Amazon Employees

All of them. From warehouse people to delivery employees. They’re more essential than Nancy Pelosi.

8. Pharmacists

You can still get your prescriptions now because they’re still on duty. Nancy Pelosi causes headaches. These people fix them.

9. Local Food Joints

You need their food, they need your business. Win-win. The people who run Avila’s El Ranchito are still more essential than Nancy Pelosi.

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Yesterday was a day of lots of happy tears at our Newport Beach, Corona Del Mar and Costa Mesa location’s….why? Because this family has given away $450,000 in Visa gift cards to retail and restaurant workers and yesterday, David Pyle handed out $1000 gift cards to 150 El Ranchito employees from three locations because he said it was one of his families favorite restaurants!! ❤️🙏🏻 The whole family is on board, including his children Henry, Mary Lynn, Annie and Willis Pyle. “We just wanted to support those establishments that we’ve enjoyed,” said Henry Pyle. “For my dad, he’s been going to El Ranchito for 40 years.” ❤️❤️ “It breaks our heart,” said Annie Pyle. “Those people have fed us for our whole lives and welcomed us at every moment of our lives and they are just long-running establishments in our community and we don’t want to see those away.” – read the full story by @valdespinoanne @ocregister on our bio link. 📸 Michael Fernandez.

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10. People Who Know Statistics and Math

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced on Friday that the city’s death rate was more than 4%.

That’s an impossible number to know until we understand the universe of people who have the virus. But Garcetti, the mayor of the nation’s second-most populous city, doesn’t know this.  Garcetti’s number is egregiously misleading and he should be ashamed for putting it out there.

Math may be hard but it shouldn’t be stupid.

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11. US Treasury

The people who write stimulus checks.

12. Hairdressers and Barbers

Nancy Pelosi has her glam squad on speed dial, but you can’t. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a person who really knows how to cut hair right about now?

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13. Home Depot Employees

From cleaning products to lumber to duct tape, thank God they’re still open. A 2×4 is more essential than Nancy Pelosi.

14. Toilet Paper Makers

Even Nancy Pelosi thinks toilet paper manufacturers are more important than Nancy Pelosi.

15. Mask Makers

Masks keep the germs away. Get some. You may need them for awhile.

16. Sign Makers

How would you know where to stand in grocery stores for social distancing, where to go to pick up your to-go order, or know an essential business’s new store hours if not for the people still making signs? You may not like the message, but say thanks anyway. Nancy Pelosi can’t tell you where she’s going or what she’s doing to help you, so that makes the sign guy more important than she is right now.

17. Volunteers

Thank you to the people who are still out there feeding the hungry, staffing the food pantries, and counseling those who are absolutely flattened by this horrendous shut down of most of the U.S. economy.
Nancy Pelosi isn’t even volunteering to do her job but is still getting paid.

18. Fitness Pros

Keeping people physically in tune in their own living rooms while keeping the crazy away.

19.Nursing Home Caregivers

People in nursing homes have been hit particularly hard by COVID-19. In Riverside, California one nursing home was hit so hard that employees stopped showing up. It makes the ones who continue to work worth their weight in gold – and more essential than Nancy Pelosi.

20. The People Who Pick Up Your Garbage

If your city or county isn’t picking up your trash, or if the landfill is closed and you’re collecting your own garbage for weeks at a time, you well understand how important it is to get the vermin-infested family leftovers out of the way.

When it comes to everyday things Americans need or want during this COVID-19 outbreak, these jobs are essential. Nancy Pelosi has removed herself and the House of Representatives for weeks from the job. They’re still being paid.

While we understand the Wuhan virus issues, it seems to me that 435 members of the House can operate with social distancing, stay in their offices, vote over a socially distanced period of time with fewer numbers, and fund that small business bail out plan.

Nancy’s private plane can probably accommodate quite a few of them to get to DC and back to work.

We appreciate that there’s less mischief being made when they’re out of session, but Congress has one job right now and that’s to fund that small business program. Pelosi isn’t letting them. That makes the garbage man more essential than the Speaker of the House.

Don’t forget that.

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