Stop What You're Doing and Watch This Quarantined Family's 'Separate Ways' Music Video. Yes, It's That Good.


The Heller family of Maple Valley, Washington, says it’s a one and done. But this one-hit-wonder family will make the coronavirus Top Ten when the COVID-19 National Emergency is all over.

And when you see it you’ll understand why.

Their nearly perfect reproduction of the 1983 Journey music video of the song “Separate Ways” was done in one day on an iPhone. The dad, Steven Heller, spent a day editing the video which has now been seen more than 278,000 times on their family’s Vimeo account.

Heller gave his wife the credit for the idea, saying on the Vimeo page:

“Solitary confinement does strange things to the best of us and this quarantine was really having an effect. My wife texted me and said, “we need to remake a music video.” I thought that sounded like a lot of work, but her persistence paid off and here we are. Enjoy!”

USA Today spotted the video and reported that it was an entire family affair:

Sons Jackson, 14, and Asher, 12, along with daughters Lily, 15, and Violet, 9, joined the band, with Lily doing most of the camera work. The family garage became the New Orleans Louisa Street Wharf setting and Violet relished her role as the video’s mysterious leather-skirt-wearing blond.” …

[Steven Heller] edited the video the next day and posted on the family Vimeo account, Raising Heller. He assumed the usual close friends and family would view it. But “Separate Ways: Heller Quarantine Edition” went viral, aided by a Seattle radio station interview.

Heller says people are encouraging him to do another video, but he says “[I]t would be good to be that family that did something cool that one time, rather than following it up with something not-as-cool. We made some great memories off of this experience, maybe that’s good enough.”

Smart man.

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