Sofia Coppola Wins at Cannes, Blasted as a 'White Elitist'

Success often elicits hatred. It’s not unusual. While many of us applaud those who find success, others can’t help but try and tear down the triumphant. It’s human nature.


When you throw leftist politics into the mix, it can get even uglier. After all, those who want to tear down have new and interesting tools at their disposal for the purpose.

That’s what filmmaker Sofia Coppola found out following her big win at the Cannes Film Festival. As Heat Street reported:

Filmmaker Sofia Coppola has become the first women since 1961 to win Cannes Film Festival’s Directing Prize.

You would have thought Coppola’s award- for her female-centric remake of 1971 civil war drama The Beguiled which starred Clint Eastwood- would generate widespread applause on social media given the fact she is an outspoken feminist and all the attention paid to the perceived under-representation of women directors at Cannes in recent years.

Not so. Even though Coppola’s movie stars a host of feminist actresses including Kirsten Dunst, Nicole Kidman and Elle Fanning, she is being slammed for supposedly having made a movie about rich white women.

Heat Street has multiple tweets from people lashing out at Coppola because she didn’t make the movie they think she should have made.


One point of criticism was the removal of a black character, a slave, who was part of the original film.

The problem here is that it’s entirely possible that Coppola removed that character because she was concerned about portraying the “peculiar institution” of slavery in anything that could be taken in a positive light. It’s also possible that she wanted to make the protagonists sympathetic and didn’t feel like that was remotely possible if they were slave owners.

Both of those explanations make perfect sense to me, and would to anyone else who thought about them for half a heartbeat.

Of course, for leftist haters to do so, they’d have to learn how to think for a change.

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