How the War on Boys Is Destroying American Culture

What is it about boys these days that makes everyone so fearful of them? Writing at National Review, Heather Wilhelm chronicles a litany of ways the parents of boys are given the clear vibe that girls rule, boys drool as the old saying goes. Look past the obvious anti-male bias and you’ll get a better picture as to what it means to be a good girl these days and, better still, what good culture means. The results may surprise you – and even scare you to death.

International Women’s Day celebrations are pretty much like every other day here in America. Women in STEM are the heroic poster children reminding us that there aren’t enough STEM jobs. Kim Kardashian and other pop stars manipulate the holiday to promote their own “feminist” inspired products. In this case, “KIMOJIs” that praise abortion and preach, “The future is NASTY NASTY NASTY.” You don’t have to be a sci-fi fan to start picturing a hi-tech dystopia in your head. One in which intelligent women dominate culture, turning their less-intellectually gifted sisters into highly paid sex slaves.

Addressing the cultural bias against boys, Wilhelm cites heavily from a New York magazine series, “How to Raise a Boy.” The series bats around multiple politically correct theories about white masculinity in particular. Boys become sexual predators the minute they hit puberty. Boys are naturally aggressive. White boys have been “taught to seize power” from “anyone who isn’t them.” The series’ conclusion: Strip power from white, straight men. Now, listen carefully: Don’t gasp. Don’t get caught up in the color wars, the gender wars, or any other microcosm of this ideological venture. Simply recognize it for what it is: A decades’ old attempt to destroy the founding member and foundational strength of the American nuclear family, your dear old Dad.

What is the real goal of the War on Boys? Despite countless pieces like Wilhelm’s that chronicle the evidence, we have yet to fully acknowledge what this cultural bias against boys and men will do to us in the long run. We can observe that more boys than ever are being medicated for masculinity, whether via ADHD drugs as kindergarteners or hormone therapy as supposedly transgendered teens. We can observe that fewer boys than ever are graduating college, beginning successful careers or establishing strong families. We can observe that suicide is the number one health risk among men middle-aged and under. And we can observe that children are suffering the huge consequences of these failures. All of this is true and it all points in one lousy, scary direction: The destruction of America’s cultural formula for success.

We thrived as a nation when we respected our boys and men. When we valued men as providers, workers, soldiers and leaders, our nation thrived. Now that we fear them as deviants, criminals, and lifelong dependents, we are failing. Contrary to popular belief, women aren’t rising to take their place. Much like the Soviet reality, women are filling in, doing the things men no longer do because we have to keep going. And women aren’t happy about it. Fifty-seven percent of working mothers would rather be at home with their children. Career women are freezing their eggs and doing parenting alone. Young girls are being diagnosed with anxiety and depression in record numbers because of “‘role overload’ — too many roles for a single person to play — and role conflict “when the roles you play are at odds with one another.”

Dropping fertility rates indicate the American future is ending. Pop culture tells us to replace what worked with what doesn’t: power, sex, nihilism and death. That is the end goal of the War on Boys. Not equality. Not parity. Not intersectionality. Just the end of a thriving America and the ushering in of a dystopia best suited to the stuff of dark, disastrous sci-fi.