Man Finds Lost $1 Million Lottery Ticket Just Before it Expires

As far as ways to kill time when a snowstorm has you trapped at home, this has to rank in the Top 2:

An Oregon man recently discovered a year-old winning lotto ticket in his home office that he was cleaning, according to the Oregon Lottery.

Amazingly, the lucky man — Joemel Panisa — found the ticket just eight days before it expired, the Oregon Lottery said in a news release on Wednesday. The ticket was worth $1 million.

Panisa was able to claim the ticket just in the nick of time, and he is officially now the fourth Mega Millions $1 million winner since the game was offered in Oregon in 2010, the Oregon State Lottery said.

Having done a recent winter cleaning here (it’s been raining a lot in L.A.-basically Blade Runner without the replicants), I am proud to announce that I did find a stack of coupons for the grocery store I frequent.

All expired.

Maybe I should have a New Year’s resolution to purchase things I’d be more excited to find if they ever got lost. The better lesson would probably be about less clutter so things don’t get lost but, hey, baby steps.

Congratulations, Mr. Panisa, enjoy your winter wonderland stash.