Alan Thicke's Final Tweets Show a Guy Enjoying Everything Until the End

(Rex Features via AP Images)

2016’s cruel toll on beloved artists claimed another tonight with the passing of Alan Thicke, who had a heart attack while playing hockey with his son (more on that later).

The social media outpouring of affection for the almost universally liked Thicke was quick and plentiful, of course, but it it’s his own Twitter feed that perfectly captures just what most who know him have been saying: what a happy guy he was. He certainly seemed to be enjoying everything right up until the very last.

He was self-effacing and humble as his body of work was recently honored by the Whistler Film Fest:

Thicke had been showing up on American television more recently, much to the delight of the fans. He seemed to be delighted too:

Just yesterday, Thicke was asked for some parenting advice and offered this:

Do what you love and love what you do…

The tributes and remembrances continue to pour in from everywhere, but this tweet seems to sum it up nicely: