Gore's 'An Inconvenient Truth' Sequel to Kick Off Sundance Festival

(Sipa via AP Images)

The man who has become extraordinarily wealthy traversing the globe in fossil fuel-burning jet aircraft while preaching the dangers of fossil fuels is back.

Al Gore will be the belle of the Climate Church Ball at the Sundance Film Festival next month.

The Sundance Film Festival will open with a follow-up to An Inconvenient Truth, former Vice President Al Gore’s two-time Academy Award-winning documentary about the world’s climate crisis.

From Participant Media, and directed by Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk, the sequel follows Gore as he continues his decades-long fight to build a more sustainable future for the planet.

“Now more than ever we must rededicate ourselves to solving the climate crisis,” said Gore in a statement. “But we have reason to be hopeful; the solutions to the crisis are at hand. I’m deeply honored and grateful that Paramount Pictures and Participant Media have once again taken on the task of bringing the critical story of the climate crisis to the world.”

Paramount Pictures will release the film in 2017. It’s produced by Richard Berge and Diane Weyermann, and executive produced by Jeff Skoll, Davis Guggenheim, Lawrence Bender, Laurie David, Scott Z. Burns and Lesley Chilcott.

The original documentary, directed by Davis Guggenheim, premiered at Sundance in 2006 and was a box-office and critical success. It went on to win two Oscars, for best documentary and best original song.

The sequel will be part of the The New Climate section at Sundance, the festival’s first-ever program built around a specific theme — in this case, climate change and environmental preservation, a defining issue for Sundance Institute president and founder Robert Redford.

The first installment created such nauseating fawning by the Hollywood Climate Church faithful that I still get a little queasy just thinking about it.

However, I may be looking forward to Round 2 a little more.

What should be most interesting at Sundance 2017 will be the Trump Derangement Syndrome on display. The festival begins the night before the inauguration and with Trump installing anti-climate hysteria stalwarts like Christoper Horner at EPA,the floating polar bear crowd should be at a fever pitch. I wouldn’t be surprised if some showed up in sackcloth and ashes, sporting homemade “The End Is Near” signs.

The melting down we have been witnessing for the past month might just be the opening act. The hysterics from “The New Climate” crowd could be better than any of the movies being screened at Sundance.

When peak freakout is achieved, the oh-so-concerned Climate Church faithful will hop into planes, many of them private, and fly home.