Hate for the Holidays: People are Letting Election Ruin Thanksgiving

The emotionally charged election doesn’t seem to be losing any of its Sturm und Drang, especially in light of the fact that the losing side subscribes to a brand of politics that’s largely based on feelings. There have been riots in the streets, cry-ins on college campuses, and now the emo hordes want to ruin Thanksgiving.

Matthew Horn, a software engineer from Boulder, Colo., canceled Christmas plans with his family in Texas. Nancy Sundin, a social worker in Spokane, Wash., has called off Thanksgiving with her mother and brother. Ruth Dorancy, a software designer in Chicago, decided to move her wedding so that her fiancé’s grandmother and aunt, strong Trump supporters from Florida, could not attend.

The election is over, but the repercussions in people’s lives may be just beginning as families across the United States contemplate uncomfortable holidays — or decide to bypass them — and relationships among friends, relatives and spouses are tested across the political divide.

Democrats have dug in their heels, and in some cases are refusing to sit across the table from relatives who voted for President-elect Donald J. Trump, a man they say stands for things they abhor. Many who voted for Mr. Trump say it is the liberals who are to blame for discord, unfairly tarring them with the odious label of “racist” just because they voted for someone else.

“It’s all one big giant contradiction in my eyes,” said Laura Smith, 30, a small-business owner in Massachusetts who was attacked on Facebook by a relative for voting for Mr. Trump. “She’s saying to spread the love,” Ms. Smith said. “But then you’re throwing this feeling of hate toward me, your own family member.”

I’m a pretty intense guy, and I can’t think of anyone or anything I dislike so much that I would turn down turkey, mashed potatoes, and wine to avoid. I mean, I’ve shared a Thanksgiving meal with Dallas Cowboys fans before.

As D.C. McAllister reminded us the other day, there was no prohibition on holiday political speech these past eight years when The Lightbringer was in office.

In fact, the opposite was true. The federal overlords were encouraging people to ruin holiday meals by discussing Obamacare. Remember this guy?

That’s right, they weren’t just encouraging political discussion, they were also advocating for a fashion visual assault and suggesting a non-alcoholic beverage.

In short, they were monsters.

Don’t be these people.

If anything, this Thanksgiving should highlight all we have to be grateful for as Americans. We made it through a contentious election and, as President Obama said, the sun still came up the next day. There will be other elections. This will be a perfect opportunity grab an extra large helping of perspective to go along with the stuffing.

You know what’s really, really easy to do? Not talk about politics at all. I’m a guy who traffics in politics and I can go for days without discussing it. I’m having Thanksgiving dinner with a crowd of #ImWithHer relatives and acquaintances and I have no worries about what might come up. If any leftist snark or whining starts, I’ll tune people out by heading over to the wine and/or pumpkin pie. If someone just won’t shut up about politics, I may not be above just shoving some of that pumpkin pie in his or her mouth.

It’s really all about the healing.

And the pie.

Healing through pie.