Thanksgiving Invites Now Ban 'Political' Talk. Why Not in 2008, 2012?

We often read about free speech being shut down on college campuses, in workplaces, and in the entertainment industry, but we need to talk about the stifling of speech within families.

After the election of Donald Trump, I heard of families setting some interesting rules for Thanksgiving. You know how it usually goes: Who’s coming? What are you bringing? Will grandma let us have wine this year? Well, politics seems to be off the menu for some Thanksgiving gatherings in 2016.

My mother shared the story of a friend of hers, an elderly lady who lost her husband this year, who had been previously invited by extended family to share Thanksgiving with them in the Northeast (she lives in North Carolina). This lady is a big Trump supporter, and everyone in the family knows it. They’re Democrats, so they tolerated their red state cousin through the election, believing all dissenters would be put in their place once Hillary Clinton won.

That didn’t happen.

So the day after the election, my mom’s friend got a phone call from her oh-so-tolerant and enlightened family in the Northeast, disinviting an elderly widow from Thanksgiving dinner.

So fragile are these snowflakes, so intolerant are they of different political views, that they can’t even bear the presence of a Trump-supporting, newly widowed senior.

Another story comes from my own experience. A family email was sent to all of us from the organizer of this year’s Thanksgiving dinner, informing us of the time and place -- and adding a nice little note at the bottom that “politics” will not be discussed this year.

In other words, if you can’t keep your mouth shut about Trump, stay at home along with your potato salad and stuffing.

Hmm. None of you received any such prohibitions in 2008 and 2012 when Obama was elected did you?

Why do conservatives have to be subjected to the political gushings of Democrats, but Democrats can’t take the same in return? Why don’t conservatives ever try to shut up their left-leaning friends and family?

The answer is becoming all too obvious in our culture. Conservative views have been labeled as so extreme, so racist, sexist, whatever, that they must be silenced for the sake of peace and unity.