Judge Finds Enough Evidence for Bill Cosby to Stand Trial

Judge Finds Enough Evidence for Bill Cosby to Stand Trial
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Via Yahoo! News:

A Pennsylvania judge ordered Bill Cosby to stand trial for sexual assault, ruling on Tuesday that there was enough evidence for the entertainer to be criminally tried on charges that he attacked a woman in 2004 after giving her drugs.

The ruling came after a preliminary hearing that Cosby, 78, attended in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

Witnesses testified about statements that Cosby and his accuser, Andrea Constand, gave to police in 2005 about the incident.

Here is some more background on Constand’s version of events. It doesn’t paint a very pretty picture of the once-beloved American icon.

“Down them. Put ‘em down. Put them in your mouth.”

“Taste the wine. Just taste the wine.”

Those are the last words Andrea Constand said she remembers before Bill Cosby allegedly assaulted her in 2004. The chilling monologue was revealed in a criminal complaint filed Wednesday in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania against the 78-year-old comedian.

In 2005, both Cosby and Constand were interviewed by police but the district attorney at the time said their statements amounted to he said/she said and that wasn’t enough to charge him with any crime. (Cosby is now formally charged with aggravated indecent assault, a first-degree felony.)

Cosby said he was attracted to Constand from the first time he saw her (when she was working as operations manager for the Temple University women’s basketball team), according to a deposition in Constand’s 2005 civil suit against Cosby.

Ed Morrissey has some more background on why this case was reopened after a settlement.

No one wants to believe any of this about Bill Cosby, but Constand’s willingness to revisit what was such a painful incident if true speaks volumes.

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