Florida Man Friday: Ready! Fire! Aim!

(Image by 272447 from Pixabay.)

Florida Man is about to go off the leash as Governor Ron DeSantis begins opening up the state once more. If you thought there would be fewer Florida Man stories to report this week — never fear! But I do have a bit of a surprise waiting for you at the end of this week’s thrill-a-minute episode of…

Florida Man Friday!

Let us begin as we always do with…

The Most Florida Man Story Ever (This Week)

Florida Man arrested for attempted overthrow of Venezuelan government.


The coup attempt appears to have been doomed from the start. Authorities moved in on Venezuelan exiles that Goudreau had been training in Colombia. Then, the Venezuelan government arrested Berry and Denman on a boat as they attempted to enter the country. The two were placed in restraints and paraded in front of cameras. Meanwhile, Gourdreau appears to be in Florida doing media interviews.

I hate socialist thugs like Nicolas Maduro, and wish someone would finally overthrow the guy. Plus, Florida Man could have had his own country. I want you to think about that.

Good Samaritan, Florida-Style

No gators or motorists were harmed in the making of this motion picture.

Don’t Come Around Here No More

(Mugshots courtesy of local authorities.)

Florida Man & Woman arrested for shooting flare gun at two people.

There was drinking involved. Also, a shootout (of sorts), an attempt to serve legal papers, and resisting arrest. This story pretty much has it all except for a gator on bath salts:

The woman said Harwood became combative while she and her colleague were trying to serve papers, according to Monroe County deputies. The man moved away back to his car when Nash shot a flare gun at the man and woman from the balcony.

The man, a process server, got his legally concealed firearm and pointed it at Nash while telling him to stop shooting. Monroe County deputies said more flares were fired, which narrowly missed the man with one bouncing off the hood of the car.

The man did not fire his weapon during the incident, according to Monroe County deputies. He held Nash at gunpoint until deputies arrived.

Never bring a flare gun to a pistol fight.

Not All Heroes Wear Capes


I have the Red Cross training but always wonder if I’d remember it in a pinch.

Florida Woman remembered.


(Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay.)

Florida lizard breaks world poop record, dies constipated.

I tried to find a picture of a constipated-looking lizard to illustrate this item, but no luck. You’ll just have to make do with a ceramic frog having a bowel movement.

¡Viva la Revolución!

This guy is good.

News Brief: Only in Florida

Florida Man arrested after stabbing victim with “homemade throwing star.” (If Florida Man ever becomes a real ninja, we are so screwed.)

Florida Woman arrested after beating husband with Mother’s Day bouquet. (I had this one pegged as a fake, but it checked out.)

Florida Man punches officer after refusing to pay Chili’s bill.

Florida Woman is arrested for lying on a closed beach with a ‘we are free sign’ and refusing to move in a protest against coronavirus restrictions. (It’s hard to believe that The Daily Mail ran this story without a picture of a woman in a bikini, but believe me, I checked.)

Florida Man loses leg while surfing, 13-year-old diver finds it, returns it to him. (Don’t worry — the leg was prosthetic.)

And now, back to our regularly scheduled news.

Spoiler: He Isn’t Hot

Moving right along…

Previously On Florida Man Friday: Full Speed Reverse!

They Were Meant for Each Other

(Mugshot courtesy of local authorities.)

Florida man attacked her with beer. Florida woman attacked him with screwdriver. Both charged.

They’d met three weeks prior at

What the Hell Am I Looking At?

Seriously: What the hell am I looking at?

Melissa and I took the boys to Legoland a few years ago, I swear we didn’t see anything like that.

Not All Heroes Wear Capes II

(Screencap courtesy of TikTok.)

Florida Man treats 87-year-old grandma to at-home salon day during pandemic.

You’ll want to click over and watch the video, which I really can’t do justice to here.

Manners Maketh Florida Man

(Image by out5ourcestores from Pixabay.)

Florida Man attacks victim who didn’t thank him for holding open door to liquor store, deputies say.

Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but I do my drinking after I get back from the liquor store, not before I go.

Baby on Board

True story.

The night my wife Melissa went into labor with our first, we very nearly didn’t make to the hospital until it was too late for her to get an epidural.

My wife is not the natural childbirth type. She’s more the “I want all the drugs even heroin if I’m going to push a baby out of me” type.

Nevertheless, she accidentally woke me up at around 3:30 in the morning, sitting backward on a folding chair she’d dragged into the shower so she could let the hot water pound her back.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“I keep having stomach cramps and my back is killing me.”

Me, after a thoughtful pause: “How are apart are your… stomach cramps?”

“Every four or five minutes, I guess.”

“Yeah, we need to leave right now.”

When we did get to the hospital about ten minutes later, the nurse on desk duty took one look at Melissa coming down the hall and got her a wheelchair. Not long after, the delivery nurse told us if we’d gotten there five minutes later, Melissa would have had to deliver the baby without the drugs.

Personally, I’m pretty sure she would have sent me out for some heroin.

It’s Always in the Last Place You Look

(Photo courtesy of local authorities.)

FHP K-9 sniffs out cocaine hidden in Florida man’s taco box.

There’s a taco place about ten minutes from here and the carnitas are so good I swear they put cocaine in them. Maybe that’s what happened to Florida Man.

Spread the Love And/Or Wuhan Virus

(Mugshot courtesy of local authorities.)

Florida Woman who tried to kiss strangers calls 911 about lack of social distancing.

I got nothin’.

Swimming Hole, Retail Version

Obviously this was pre-planned… but why?

Meanwhile, in Georgia…

Meanwhile, in California…

Meanwhile, in Texas…

Texas Man accused of assaulting H-E-B cashier with bag of lettuce and steak, police say.

Meanwhile, in Missouri…

Missouri man left his wallet with ID behind during ATM heist.

Meanwhile, in New York…

Over 100 Inmates Released From Rikers Busted For New Offenses.

Meanwhile, in South Dakota…

Rapid City man charged with DUI after running over himself.

Meanwhile, in Colorado…

Colorado Man dies from astounding 0.55 blood alcohol level, coronavirus listed as cause of death.

All these wild stories from all these other states make me think that maybe we’ve taken advantage of Florida’s sunshine law. Maybe it isn’t fair to highlight the antics of the people of just one state when there are 49 others in this vast land of ours. Perhaps we should remember that columns like this one weren’t what the Florida Assembly had in mind when they passed the country’s most liberal open records act.

Perhaps the mere idea of highlighting the acts of failed criminals, deviant drug users, and lonely sex addicts is beneath a great and free people. Perhaps, next week, and every week after, we should devote ourselves to the spiritual, to the uplifting, to human acts of warmth and goodness, both small and great, wherever they may be found…

I’ll see you right here next week for the next exciting episode of Florida Man Friday.

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