Vampire Vs Terrorist and Chupacabra Pursuit


You know what they say: to catch undead Osama Bin Laden, you must send a vampire.  No?  Well, they’ll say it after they read Dark Hunt.  Today’s offerings have some other dark delights: a Chupacabra, a four hundred and fifty year old vampire who works for the British Intelligence Services, and memories of the abyss. But there’s other stuff too, including what reviewers call “the best darned ‘sci-fi’ novel I’ve read in years” and “A real barn burner” (Do barns in the future burn?) love stories and the story of what makes or breaks a close friendship.

Look through, download samples, and maybe you’ll find your next favorite!

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Follow The Chupacabra
By Steve Statham

Ray is a broken man. His family and his will to live were swept away in a series of catastrophic storms. He is a man adrift—until the night of the dark visitor, the chupacabra of legend.

As Ray embraces the adventure of a lifetime, he’ll discover hidden elemental powers that command the shadowlands of Earth, and bizarre creatures of legend traveling endless pathways in a multiverse of alternate worlds more terrifying—and more beautiful—than any he has ever known.


By Patrick Chiles

Reviewers have called it “the best darned ‘sci-fi’ novel I’ve read in years” and “a real barn-burner.”

Stranded in orbit, with no way home before the air runs out…

At hypersonic speed, Arthur Hammond’s fleet of Clipper spaceplanes has become the premium choice for high-flying travel, placing every corner of the globe within a few hours’ reach. When the line’s flagship is marooned in space with a load of VIP clients, its crew must fight to stay alive knowing that help may never arrive. As they struggle with dwindling life support and increasingly desperate passengers, one man will discover that escape may demand a terrible sacrifice.


Let No False Angels (A Novel of the Many Earths)
By Wesley Morrison

While Drifters cause destruction to endless versions of Earth, the Magian are the only protection. But one magus hesitates during his first battle, causing his own mother’s death and banishment from his kind. Seventeen years later, he becomes the crucial player in the “final” battle between Drifters and Magian.


China Harbor: Out of Time
By S. T. Gaffney

When she had run out of words, Madame Lee sat back in her chair, exhausted, and closed her eyes. For my part I was left speechless, but my mind was a tumble of words and half-forgotten images of who and what I used to be. And the last reference to the face of time had left me with a physical feeling not unlike that experienced on a roller coaster as it plunges down the height of a small building.


Dark Sanction
By Mark R. Whittington

The Contessa Gabriella Doria, a 450 year old vampire, worked as a spy for British Intelligence in World War II Venice. But she is menanced by a Nazi vampire hunter with occult powers. As Venice is overrun with SS killers, Gabriella fights to stay alive with the help of an ancient Celtic mage.


Dark Hunt
By Mark R. Whittington

Vampire vs. Terrorist

On September 11, 2001, the second day that will live in infamy, Gabriella Doria, an Italian noblewoman and an over 500 year old vampire, was meeting with investment partners at the World Trade Center when the building and her world fell on top of her. Later, when she had been dug out of the rubble, she vowed vendetta.

Her dark hunt for Osama bin Laden would take longer than she had imagined, would cost more than she had thought to bear, and would involve more dangers than she could imagine. Her enemy would himself turn to dark powers to fulfill his dream of a world enslaved to a perverted version of a world religion.


Killing Chase
By Ben Muse

Sometimes second chances can kill you. From the moment he woke that early March morning, Chase Hampton knew, once he was released from prison later that day, he was never going back. No matter what.


Break It
By Ben Muse

It’s 1995, and recent college graduate Caleb McIntyre has received a most unusual job offer, one that will move him halfway across the country, far away from Lizzie, the love of his life.


Memories of the Abyss
By Cedar Sanderson

Violet is trapped in the prison of her own mind. Her body is dwelling in the insane asylum, but when her friend Walter is killed, she must make a decision to avenge his death, or stay safely locked in her own broken soul. He’d drawn her out of her shell, and she finds she still has honor left… But will anyone believe the crazy woman?


The Two of Us
By Marsha B Mantykow

Loyalty is a simple concept. When questioned, it can define a relationship in powerful and profound ways.”The Two of Us” chronicles the heartbreaking circumstances when two best friends find themselves testing the boundaries of personal integrity and trust. In the end misunderstanding, jealousy and envy result in disillusionment and sorrow.


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