The NBA No Longer Fan-tastic

The LAT’s Bill Plaschke has it right today regarding the stalled NBA player-owner negotiations:

If the players are bigger than the league, then how come Kobe Bryant has to go all the way to Italy to find a place that can pay him to play basketball during the lockout? Why can’t he make $3 million playing pickup games on a court somewhere in Newport Beach?

As a journalist who hangs out in all sorts of locker rooms and clubhouses, I enjoy dealing with NBA players more than any other athletes. They are often accommodating, sophisticated and surprisingly unaffected for being some of the richest folks on the planet.

However, in this case, they are wrong. For all their high-flying brilliance, the NBA players need to come back to earth and get back to work.

Indeed. In a country with a huge number of its citizens suffering severe economic pain, NBA players seem like greedheads in sneakers. Get back to work, guys, It’s showtime!

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