iPhone v. Android - the last word

Those who are still debating between the iPhone, Blackberry, Android and other smart phones should pay attention to this amazing news:

After slipping out of a skydiver’s pocket, one of Apple’s iPhone 4 units survived a 13,500-foot drop and can still make and receive calls.

Jarrod McKinney said he was in such a rush to “get out the door” of the plane on a recent skydiving trip that he forgot to secure his iPhone 4, CNN reports. “I just knew it was gone. Falling from that height? (What are) the chances of you finding something like that or even knowing where to look?” he said.

But, after touching down, McKinney used a “GPS tracking app” to locate the device, which had landed on the roof of a building roughly a half-mile away.

Skydiving instructor Joe Johnson called the phone as a joke and was surprised when the call actually went through. The device, which had been cracked once before after a tumble off a bathroom shelf, is still able to make and receive calls, despite the fact that its front and back glass surfaces had shattered. The handset had been protected by a Incipio-branded case that was broken on impact.

Looking at it another way:

When contacted for the report, Consumer Reports editor Mike Gikas quipped that McKinney had found a way to resolve the phone’s reception problems, which caused a firestorm of controversy last year. Dropping the smartphone from a plane is “the proved method for fixing the antenna problem,” Gikas joked.

Now if I could only get my ATT MicroCell to work. [Maybe drop it from a plane.-ed]

UPDATE: Apple is just now reporting more than double profits for the quarter with twenty million iPhones sold.