What I Learned on Twitter About 'Wypipo' (White People)

AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

Wondering what kind of effect the race-hate propaganda that bombards us every day is having, I decided to do a deep dive on Twitter to see what some of those who actually believe that the racist hatemongering of Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a good thing are saying. To find this, I searched for two Twitter shorthand words for “white people”: wypipo and ytpipo. Here’s some of what I found:

  • White people are “exercising control over under-represented minorities due to white power and fragility, as well as love for money and power.”
  • White people are “obviously terrified of anything that appears to different.”
  • White people have a “savior mentality.”
  • White people “go out of their way to join subtle asian ____ groups but then spend all their time telling asians why they’re wrong about their own cultures.”
  • White people “start singing the national anthem whenever they start crying about being ‘oppressed.’”
  • “Uneducated” white people “are the easiest, most gullible group to manipulate in America.”
  • White people “stopped trying to prove they aren’t racist.” However, white people “want our features so badly they think money can replicate them.”
  • White people should have spent Juneteenth “servicing black folks & opening your mfn purse PERIOD!!!”
  • White people “would never freely give power and money to the people they’ve violently and despicably oppressed for hundreds of years. Think about it. Forcefully taking it back is the only way IMO.”
  • White people “think they ‘found’ this land, they convenienlty [sic] forget the decimation of American Indians and 400 years of slavery. That’s why R’s r trying to prevent CRT, they don’t want people to know the real truth.”
  • White people are “fighting so hard against the TRUTH of #ameriKKKa being taught.”
  • White people “erase our memory of where we come from and then charge us to try and find out.”
  • White people “like dogs more than humans who are disadvantaged.”
  • White people “accept outright, violent racism.”
  • White people are all Republicans.
  • White people “do everything with violence.”
  • White people are “monsters.”
  • White people “are sickos.”
  • White people “are crazy AF.”
  • Everyone hates” white people.

I thought maybe it was just Twitter, which is a cesspool on its best days. So I did a search for “black people,” wondering if I would find the same stereotyping and hatred. Instead, I learned that:

  • Black people do everything better.”
  • The world don’t wanna credit black people and that’s so f**ked up”
  • Black people “aren’t allowed to feel uncomfortable with anti blackness”
  • Black people “don’t care what ya’ll think.”

And so on. Sure, there were a few hateful tweets, but they were much, much harder to find. However, pointing out the double standard, and where the hate is really coming from, is only another sign of, you guessed it, “racism.” In one telling Twitter exchange about race, one person asked: “If I claimed ‘black people are homophobic’, and you said that it’s ludicrous to group all black people together, would that mean you were arguing that ‘we can never criticize groups’?” The response reflected the closed damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t system that race-baiting Leftists have propagated: “Ah, classic Whiteness. ‘But what if I changed the words you said and I said it about Black people? See you’re a racist because I imagined you saying a thing which you did not say!’ You are so White.”

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So pointing out the racial hatred that the Left has assiduously planted, watered, and cultivated for years is “racist.” Noting that it would be racist to say of black people what is casually said of white people by people who think of themselves as anti-racist is not only racist as well, but it is unforgivably “white.” In the Left’s secular religion, the dividing line between good and evil runs between white people and everyone else. If white people try to mitigate this, it just shows yet again how evil they are.

This kind of thinking has destroyed nations throughout history. The Austro-Hungarian Empire fell not so much because the aggrieved nationalities – Czechs, Slovaks, Slovenes, Bosnians, Croats, etc. – were oppressed, but because they thought they were oppressed, and the perception overtook reality. We are close to replicating that situation in the country that has done more to provide equal rights for all people than any other in world history. The people who wrote the tweets above are unappeasable, no matter how much nervous corporations and pandering politicians try to appease them: they will only take the attempts at appeasement as yet more racist affronts.

The nation is spiraling toward dissolution and civil conflict, and those who have created this situation have done their best to block all the peaceful exits. History is full of surprises, and it may be that Americans who still remember why this is a country to be proud of will end up thwarting their plans and binding up the nation’s wounds. But the situation could easily get worse before it gets better.