Brazil Vs Finland Vs Chile: Which of These Sunsets is Your Favorite?




Since December of 2013 PJ Lifestyle has been collecting sunrise and sunset photos from contributors, readers, and Instagram. Now we’re going to begin an effort to organize the ongoing collection. New goals:

1. Collect a sunrise from every state in the union.

2. Collect a sunset from as many countries around the world as possible.

3. After getting all 50 states’ sunrises then switch to collecting their sunsets and begin the global sunrises collection.

Updated April 2014: 4. The extraordinary submissions of Mark Baird have inspired a new collection of photographs devoted specifically to our nation’s capital. We’re going to try and organize fantastic sunrise and sunset photos from all the different monuments and scenic views.

We are at 23 countries so far:

1. Australia:

The Sun Sets in Sydney, Australia

2. Brazil:

The Sun Sets at a South American Achipelago

2 Very Different Brazilian Sunsets

3. Canada:

6 Sunrises to Start the Last Week of January

4. Cayman Islands:

An Insta-Sunset From the Cayman Islands

5. Chile:

Fire Dances In the Skies As the Sun Sets in the Chilean Mountains

6. Costa Rica:

3 Bright Sunsets From Costa Rica

7. England, 8. France, and 9. Denmark:

3 European Sunrises

10. Italy:

An Italian Sunset in Miramare, Trieste

11. Germany:

A Red Sunset in the Woods of Hagen, Germany

This Bright Orange German Sunset Is Like the Conclusion of an Epic Quest

12. Malaysia:

Sunsets On 3 Continents

13. Maldives:

Tropical Paradise: A Sunset in Maldives

14. Mexico:

Gray Crashes into Gold in This Striking Mexico City Sunset

15. Mozambique:

5 Golden Sunsets From Africa

Orange and Blue in the Mozambique Skies: The Sun Sets Over Nacala

An Absolutely Amazing, Haunting, Spiritual Sunset From Mozambique

2 More Magical Mozambique Sunsets And a Bonus Sunrise

16. Philippines:

A Panglao Island Sunset

17. Russia:

6 Sunrises from Australia to Paris to Russia to America…

18. Sweden:

6 Sunsets to End the Week

19. Thailand:

2 Thailand Sunsets

20. Trinidad:

A Trinidad Sunset Bursts Through Gray Clouds

21. South Africa:

A Waterfront Sunset in South Africa

22. Scotland:

An Astounding Scottish Sunset on the Isle of Mull

23. Spain:

A ‘Naughty Sun’ Tries to Sneak Down the Chimney In Catalonia