How to Be Worse Than Jerry Sandusky

via An Open Letter to Jerry Sandusky | Author Blog Posts – Yahoo! Shine:

You see, Mr. Sandusky, you are a monster and a predator… but the cowards in your employ and in your immediate circle are worse than you. They bared witness to horrific acts that shattered the innocence of young children – fondling, oral sex, anal sex – and went home night after night without considering that they were not only selling their proverbial souls for a steady paycheck or a shot at a promotion… they also sold their very humanity.

As the father of two teenagers, I’m both thrilled and relieved that you are now away from others. But those cowards are still at-large… waiting for a second chance to look away from injustice so they can get paid for it – in true “Screw the next man” mentality that seems to run so rampant in today’s “YOLO” world.

Mr. Sandusky, I consider you the Harbinger of Last Chances. You were a test offered by the Universe… a test of humanity’s will to release selfish wants and err on the side of decency… of what is universally right… of justice. This is a test that was failed by so many around you, but I’m hopeful those remaining will see this for what it is: A wake up call that someone else will NOT take care of what is right… what is just. It is up to those who know to DO something… not wait for the next person or think someone else will take care of what needs to be done.

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