Very Generous: 13 FREE E-Books From Barry Rubin!

Among the titles available in HTML and PDF courtesy of the GLORIA Center:

  1. Cauldron of Turmoil
  2. The Arab States and the Palestine Conflict
  3. Istanbul Intrigues
  4. Paved with Good Intentions
  5. Modern Dictators: Third World Coupmakers, Strongmen, and Populist Tyrants
  6. Islamic Fundamentalists in Egyptian Politics
  7. The Long War for Freedom-The Arab Struggle for Democracy in the Middle East
  8. The Tragedy of the Middle East
  9. The Truth About Syria
  10. Secrets of State
  11. Hating America: A History
  12. Assimilation and Its Discontents
  13. Children of Dolhinov: Our Ancestors and Ourselves

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